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Advantage EDM
38 Route 206
Andover, NJ  07821
Tel:  973-786-0177
Fax:  973-786-0277


The Largest Precision Wire EDM Shop in New Jersey

Advantage EDM Home Page

About Advantage EDM: The Wire EDM Specialists

A Message from the President of Advantage EDM
Production Wire EDM Capability
Precision Tool Wire EDM
CNC 5-Axis Wire EDM Capability
Exotic Metals Wire EDM Capability
High Speed EDM Drill Capability

Electrical Discharge Machining Examples

Applications of Wire EDM:
Miniature Parts
.002 Diameter Wire
18" Tall Aluminum Work Piece
Titanium Needles
Example of Stacking Work Pieces
Power Generation Turbine Blades
Engine Turbine Blades
Punch and Die
Precision Die Matching
7min(Ra) surface finish without isolated tooling
Less work-piece oxidation
Reduced discoloration in titanium

Wire EDM Technical Spotlight

Ten Criteria for Using Wire EDM in Production Applications:
Exotic Metals Capabilities
Complex Geometries
Stacking Plates
Racking of Parts
Raw Materials
Burr Free
EDM Delivery
CNC 5 Axis Wire Cutting

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Site Map

If you have any questions as to the viability of wire EDM for a particular application, contact Advantage EDM at 973-786-0177 or via fax at 973-786-0277.