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A Message from the President of Advantage EDM
President of Advantage EDMAs president of Advantage EDM, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our updated Wire EDM facility. Advantage EDM is one of the largest Wire EDM jobshops in the Eastern United States and is totally dedicated to Wire EDM. As detailed in our web site, Advantage EDM's capabilities include production and precision tooling Wire EDM

I hope that you enjoy our website and look forward to hearing from you.

Alex J.Gilsenan

Production Wire EDM Capability
WEDM Machine

At ADVANTAGE EDM, our large number of the latest generation Wire Electrical Discharge Machines, combined with our new large capacity Wire EDM (with a travel of 14.6" x 20.5" x 18" high) and our new large tapering Wire EDM (with a tapering capacity of 45 degrees), we are more than equipped to handle your high volume production quantities. This is an area where we truly do have the Advantage.
Precision Tool Wire EDM
Wire edm machineADVANTAGE EDM is staffed only by highly skilled individuals. All of our EDM operators have extensive backgrounds in either tool and die making, mold making or precision machining. Our knowledge, along with the most accurate and productive Wire Electrical Discharge Machines available, make our precision tooling capabilities the best in the business.

CNC 5-Axis Wire EDM Capability
Complex ruled surfaces and advanced conic Wire EDM cuts can be achieved by individually programming upper and lower face contours. This technology provides ADVANTAGE EDM with the potential for handling new geometric design challenges. Cutting heights of up to 18" can be accommodated with a maximum work piece size of 33" x 27.3" x 18". Our new tapering capacity of 45 degrees exceeds the industry standard, making ADVANTAGE EDM a premiere Wire EDM facility.

Exotic Metals Wire EDM Capability
The Wire EDM process can cut any material that is conductive. This includes:

High Speed EDM Drill Capability
ADVANTAGE EDM's new high speed EDM drill makes perfectly straight, burr-free holes in all exotic metals, including Carbide and PCD. With a maximum work piece height of 11", we can drill diameters as small as .011 inches.